InSinkErator - Taps & Waste Disposal Unit Parts

InSinkErator makes some of the highest quality waste disposal units, hot/cold taps, boilers, and compactors available. But over time, parts of these machines may need replacing to keep them in proper working condition. 

Genuine InSinkErator, ISE spare parts are listed below for all of their catering equipment and machinery. Alternately please choose your type of appliance (waste disposal unit, hot/cold tap, boiler, or compactor) from the drop-down menu above.  

We are authorised service agents for InSinkErator with over 70 years experience between our engineers. If you have any questions or would like advice regarding your ISE appliance or the spare part that you require please contact us or call our office where we will be happy to help.


Genuine Sink Outlet

Brighten up your new sink with an ISE complete disposer sink outlet assembly, for attaching any Emerson ISE made food waste disposer to the sink. Polished stainless steel, includes one flat rubber sink seal.

ISE S/O Comp
20% VAT£5.70
Our Price£34.20

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Replacement ISE Water Filters, Genuine ISE filters, ISE Water Filters for Steaming Hot Taps and Boilers.

Designed for use exclusively with the ISE Steaming Hot Water Tap systems, the filters remove or significantly reduce levels of chlorine and other soluble impurities which are found in tap water and can affect its taste.
The filters also reduce scale and remove solid particles.

Features and Benefits of Regular 6 Month Filter Replacement:

F701 x1
20% VAT£9.10
Our Price£54.60

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Large white connector for connecting 15mm pipe to Insinkerator hot water boiler filter.


Part number:  43857

20% VAT£2.90
Our Price£17.39

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Genuine ISE REMOVEABLE Splashguard / Baffle 

Please note that this is the REMOVABLE splash guard and will ONLY fit the same one you are removing. This WILL NOT replace the fixed type splash guard OR the old type baffle. Standard 85 mm dia.

20% VAT£2.80
Our Price£16.80

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Wrenchette un-jam key (also fit KitchenAid new style waste disposal units made since 1992).

ISE unjamming key for freeing jams from hole underneath unit. Unjamming key fits ALL Emerson made wdu's including,

Unjam Wrenchette
20% VAT£1.80
Our Price£10.80

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Y Quick Connector for Insinkerator hot water boiler


20% VAT£1.30
Our Price£7.79

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Mr Scrappy Waste Disposer Tool

Low cost multi-purpose Mr Scrappy disposer tool that functions as a handy scraper to remove food from plates and a plunger to push the food into the disposer.  Mr Scrappy also functions as a stopper to plug the drain opening and when not in use, it acts as a cutlery guard, keeping silverware and other small items from falling into the disposer, while allowing the sink to drain.

Additional feature: Mr Scrappy fits virtually all standard food, waste disposers, Dishwasher safe for quick and easy cleaning.

20% VAT£1.92
Our Price£11.51

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DISPOSERCARE has been scientifically formulated and tested to clean and deodorise food waste disposers. The DISPOSERCARE powerful blue foaming action scrubs away food, digests grease and smelly odours, cleaning the waste disposer and drains, leaving a pleasant smelling lemon fresh scent. DISPOSERCARE is easy and simple. Simply turn on the water, then the disposer, pop in the individual cleaning packet and let your waste disposer do the hard cleaning work for you. DISPOSERCARE leaves no cleaning up afterwards!

20% VAT£1.23
Our Price£7.38

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Flat 3.5" (9cms) approx inside diameter rubber seal that fits between the sink bowl and the waste disposer sink outlet flange. NOT PLUG SEAL OR SPLASHGUARD! Best to order two, one for top and one for underneath sink.

Fits all makes and models of waste disposer sink outlet.

20% VAT£0.50
Our Price£3.00

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