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Genuine Maxmatic spare parts below. Parts being added all the time, if you don't see the part listed please contact us as we more than likely have it in-stock

BatchFeed / Continous Feed Disposer Converter

Genuine Maxmatic Magnitube Converter

Converts Maxmatic 5000 / 3000 batchfeed waste disposers to continuous feed, really useful when you have a lot of food waste to dispose of at one time.  Comes complete with moulded in splashguard. Also suitable for Burco, Acorn, Econa, Bestobell etc batchfeed disposers.

If you have any questions regarding this spare or any other part please contact our engineers on (0044) 01332 346550

20% VAT£4.51
Our Price£27.05

Maxmatic / Acorn Waste Disposer Splashguard

Genuine Maxmatic splashguard.
Splashguard fits all Maxmatic made continuous feed waste disposal units. Does NOT fit inside the Maxmatic magni-tube converter. This fits in the metal sink outlet only to stop food waste splashing back.

Maxmatic 4000, Maxmatic 2000, Maxmatic 1000 & 1500 and other badged models including Acorn, Bestobell, Econa, etc.


20% VAT£1.64
Our Price£9.87

Maxmatic 2000 Mid-Duty Continuous Feed Waste Disposer

Maxmatic mid duty continuous feed waste disposer (replaces Econa, Bestobell, Acorn and Maxmatic waste disposers).
  • Continuous Feed
20% VAT£46.35
Our Price£278.10

Maxmatic 5000

  • Industrial Grade Cast Nickel Stainless Steel Grinding System (Rotor & Grinding Ring)
  • 1.7 Litre Chamber
  • High Torque 3/4 Hp Induction Motor
  • Optional Extended and Brass Sink Bushes
  • Reverse Facility
  • 10 Year In Home Parts Guarantee **
  • 2 Year In Home Labour Guarantee


20% VAT£68.41
Our Price£410.47

Maxmatic Batch-Feed Disposer Sink Plug (Magnitop)

Maxmatic Batch-Feed waste disposer Magnitop plug to make the unit work.

This Magnitop plug also fits, Acorn, Burco, Banquet Cuisine, Econa, Franke, Fobe, Parkamatic, Bestobell, Bell Home Appliances etc disposers. The Magnitop plug will fit other badged Batch-Feed disposer models only. Magnitop plug that makes it work and seals water into the sink.

Same design plug since 1947, only this type available.

20% VAT£4.95
Our Price£29.70

Maxmatic Batch-Feed Sink Outlet Complete

Maxmatic 3000/5000 Sink Outlet assembly

Genuine Maxmatic complete sink outlet assembly. This is for the "batch-feed" waste disposal units only. Also fits Acorn batch-feed waste disposal units
If you have any questions regarding this Maxmatic spare or any other Maxmatic part please contact our engineers on 01332 346550
20% VAT£9.93
Our Price£59.57

Maxmatic Disposer 3 Loop Hopper Top Seal

Maxmatic disposer 3 looped hopper seal.

This disposer seal for the Maxmatic/Econa/Acorn range of waste disposal units fits in between the hopper top and the sink outlet.

20% VAT£1.69
Our Price£10.15

Mr Scrappy Sink Waste Disposer Tool

Mr Scrappy Waste Disposer Tool

Low cost multi-purpose Mr Scrappy disposer tool that functions as a handy scraper to remove food from plates and a plunger to push the food into the disposer.  Mr Scrappy also functions as a stopper to plug the drain opening and when not in use, it acts as a cutlery guard, keeping silverware and other small items from falling into the disposer, while allowing the sink to drain.

Additional feature: Mr Scrappy fits virtually all standard food, waste disposers, Dishwasher safe for quick and easy cleaning.

20% VAT£1.85
Our Price£11.11

Release Key Dejamming Unjamming Freeing (MAX)

For unjamming, dejamming, freeing jams in most makes of food waste disposers via the plug hole. Check disposer unjamming key suitability for your disposer if uncertain, ring 01332 346550 or contact us.

20% VAT£2.00
Our Price£11.99


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