Bain Maries

4 pot bain marie amongst many other sizes available

Bain Maries

Keep your ready products at the temperature you require with our range of Bain Maries. We stock either dry or wet Bain Maries in different sizes to suit everyone from the small cafe to larger high volume kitchens and hospitals.

Wet Bain Maries - these provide more of a gentle heat as the water regulates the temperature to 100 degrees. It also provides a more even heat as there are less hot and cold spots.

Dry Bain Maries - these provide a rapid heat up as there is no water the heat up. Safer as there is boiling water to be moved or drained. Generally more energy efficient as you are not heating large amounts of water.

Wet well bain maries plus many other sizes available

Wet Bain Maries

Dry Bain Maries